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What our patients are saying

“It is hard to express the level of appreciation that I have for the treatment and care that Dr. Asbjornsen and the staff at the Vein Healthcare Center provided me. They explained what I needed to know— and moved mountains so that my insurance company understood what needed to occur.

I am way too young to be shying away from shorts, or always putting my feet up just to get through the day. I cannot believe how good I feel now. What a difference!”

– Shaye R., 44, Portland, ME

“I work at a daycare and when I came home at the end of the day, my legs were like cement. I could not move them. It was affecting me tremendously but because it didn’t hurt, I had no idea my veins were the problem. I had EVLA done in both legs, and they felt much lighter right away.

Dr. Asbjornsen’s reassuring manner put me at ease before, during and after the procedure. You just don’t realize how much better you can feel until you understand that your legs don’t have to feel tired all the time.”

– Sue M., 63, North Yarmouth, ME

“I had blood pooling and dark spotting on both my legs, plus an open ulcer on one leg that kept itching and not healing. It was terrible. Dr. Asbjornsen suggested an EVLA, and about a week later, the discoloration went away and my legs felt ten pounds lighter— and now the ulcer and itching are both gone too.

The best part was that Dr. Asbjornsen didn’t give me any treatment I didn’t need. She was honest and extremely professional. Very seldom do I find a doctor I like and trust so much. She runs a fantastic office, and I’d recommend the Vein Healthcare Center to anyone.”

– Mike S., 57, Wells, ME

“I was having a lot of pain and swelling in my legs, especially if I was on my feet for more than four or five hours. Plus, they were just ugly to look at. I work in a hot kitchen and I’d always wear something that covered my legs. Even golfing in the summer I couldn’t wear a golf skirt. I’ve had a drastic change since the sclerotherapy procedure. The pain is gone, I don’t have swelling, and my legs look so much better.

I can’t believe how miserable I was for twenty years. I wish I’d done it sooner. Everyone who worked with me at the Vein Healthcare Center was incredibly professional and kind. I felt very well taken care of.”

– Nichola H., 51, Brunswick, ME

“My legs were a mess. I had varicose veins on the front of my left leg that started in the back, upper part of my thigh and wound around toward my shin. My lower legs often felt heavy and sore. Dr. Asbjornsen evaluated my legs and recommended a treatment plan. Now my legs look great, and I don’t have any more achiness, throbbing, or tightness.

I chose Dr. Asbjornsen because she listened to what I wanted and gave me other options like compression stockings and tips to alleviate my discomfort. I felt like she was looking out for me, not just pushing to have a procedure done. I thought everyone at Vein Healthcare Center was exceptional. Every time I called the office with a question, they knew who I was and made me feel like I was important.”

– Christina J., 40, Lisbon Falls, ME

“I’m a nurse, and in the last few years I did some training with wound care where I saw a lot of venous ulcers, which can be difficult, or even impossible, to heal. Since I had itching and swelling in my legs, plus a history of lymphedema in my family, I thought I’d better do something about it. Dr. Asbjornsen suggested sclerotherapy, even taking the time to investigate the best sclerosing agent to use because I have a mild blood disorder. It went very smoothly, virtually painless.

I appreciated how sensitive the doctor was about any anxieties I had. The whole staff is approachable and they seem genuinely concerned about the work they do and the patients they care for. It really is quite refreshing.”

– Joe K., 54, Jay, ME

"Dr. Asbjornsen is a rational, competent and caring physician. That's uncommon! From the first appointment, the doctor and her staff were very professional and continually demonstrated how much they care for their patients. Everyone was very thorough in educating me about each step of the process, from the evaluation to the follow-up—and they were pleasant too.

The group at the Vein Healthcare Center has restored my faith in the medical system. They are the cream of the crop. They're superlative!"

– Lucille L., 69, Lewiston, ME

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