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At the Vein Healthcare Center, we’re helping patients, physicians and communities view venous disease and its symptoms in a new way.

Many people who experience vein disorders have been disappointed with traditional methods of care, or have been discouraged from seeking treatment because of limited options.

The Vein Healthcare Center serves communities in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts and welcomes patients from across the country and Canada. As the leading vein center in New England, our staff includes a team of dedicated vein health providers who are committed to superior medical care for those at every stage of venous disease.

Dr. Cindy Asbjornsen and the rest of the VHC team will evaluate your individual symptoms – from the first appearance of varicose veins to advanced-stage venous ulcers – and explore the best avenue for your treatment. Our spacious, state-of-the-art facility features a comfortable setting, so we can provide you with exceptional care.

While varicose veins can hinder confidence and the ability to participate fully in life’s activities, venous disease is never simply cosmetic. It is a progressive disease that can lead to incapacitating symptoms, heightened pain, and intensified health concerns. Today, those suffering with venous disorders and their symptoms can improve their overall health, and manage the progression of their disease. Patients can benefit from today’s minimally-invasive therapies with very little pain and outstanding success rates when performed by an experienced, board certified phlebologist.

Venous Disease can be treated.

If you live with the effects of venous disease, it’s the right time to learn about the opportunities you have to ease your symptoms and help you live a fuller, more active, pain-free life.

The Vein Healthcare Center provides services for patients in Maine, New England, and surrounding communities and accepts most major insurances. Visit Dr. Cindy Asbjornsen in her South Portland office, or contact us at 207-221-7799.


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